The Vega 3 Series provides the unique business benefits delivered by the Azul solution, and are the fastest path to maximizing the ROI of business-critical applications. Without changing application code or architecture, applications can deliver 5X to 50X greater scalability and throughput, while providing consistent performance even under unpredictable load. The Azul solution also reduces server sprawl by an order of magnitude, simplifying existing deployments and reducing datacenter costs by 30% or more.

The new Series of Azul Compute platforms are built around the Vega 3 processor, the first 54-core chip designed and optimized for Java workloads. The highly scalable Azul Virtual Machine allows an individual application instance to scale to 670 GB of memory and hundreds of processor cores without changing the application code. This breakthrough scalability is achieved with unique capabilities such as hardware-assisted Pauseless Garbage Collection, which eliminates the impact of garbage collection-related application pauses, and Optimistic Thread Concurrency, which minimizes the impact of scalability bottlenecks caused by synchronization and lock contentions.

Vega 3 Solution Benefits

The Vega 3 are uniquely positioned to address many of the highest priority requirements for Java applications:

Breakthrough Scalability for Extreme Transaction Processing

  • Offers the fastest path to delivering Extreme Transaction Processing performance, without changing the application's code or architecture
  • Meets the unique scalability, reliability and memory needs of the most demanding Java applications

Engine for Service Oriented Architectures

  • Provides industry leading Enterprise Service Bus scalability
  • Serves as a consolidation platform for multiple SOA services, providing dynamic resource allocation between services to support highly unpredictable workloads, and eliminating IO bottlenecks between services

Power Stations for Data Grids

  • Increases the maximum amount of data cached on the grid by 50X
  • Increases data throughput by 20X
  • Allows applications to co-reside with the cached data on a single system, increasing application performance with faster data access and eliminated network hops

Platform for Shared Services

  • Constitutes an ideal platform for shared services, providing shared compute capacity to multiple applications over the network
  • Preserves OS, resource and security isolation between applications
  • Reduces number of conventional servers by 10X or more
  • Reduces TCO by 50%

Industry's Most Efficient Delivery of Compute Capacity

  • Reduces server sprawl with up to 33x more throughput than a conventional x86 server

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