This page is all about Zing's business impact. Need technical info? Try this Technology Overview or check out our Making the Technical Case for Zing page.

Zing® is a better JVM with better metrics that is fully compliant with the Java SE specification. Zing enables your production applications to operate in business real time. Now Java apps can scale to high levels of performance with unprecedented response time consistency and meet your most demanding SLAs – without application changes or even recompilation. Zing is a game-changing innovation that opens up new business capabilities and opportunities not practical with other Java software platforms. For low latency systems, Zing solves Java's "warm-up" problem using Azul's innovative ReadyNow! technology. Zing Trials are free, and conducted at your facility by an Azul engineer.

To learn more, download the Zing Datasheet here.
Download the Zing datasheet