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The only certified multi-platform build of OpenJDK: Free, 100% open source Java for Windows, Linux (including Docker), Mac OS X, the Cloud and embedded applications. Featuring tier-one Java support via Zulu Enterprise.
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  • Java for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and the Cloud
  • Free download -- 100% open source
  • Choose Java SE 8, 7 and 6
  • World-class Java support
  • Upgrade and manage Java on YOUR schedule
  • Zulu Embedded: Custom builds and packaging available


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Free and 100% open source

Zulu is an enterprise-quality, certified build of OpenJDK that can be deployed across various operating systems, Docker containers, hypervisors and Cloud platforms. Companies, Java developers, systems administrators and end users can now enjoy the full benefits of freely available 100% open source Java with the comfort of world-class support provided by the only company 100% dedicated to Java and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Read the 451 Group analyst report, "Azul's Zulu JVM could prove an awkward challenge to Oracle's Java ambitions".

Free and open source



No coding changes needed

Zulu is verified compliant with the Java SE specifications using the OpenJDK Community Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK). Zulu can work side-by-side with other JDKs in the same system, allowing you to select the specific JDK you want to use on a per-application basis. Now it's your choice. See the full list of supported platforms here or pick up a copy of the Zulu Enterprise data sheet here. Also download the Zulu Commercial Compatibility Kit if you have applications that take advantage of specific additional features that Oracle bundles along with the Hotspot JVM in the Oracle JDK.

Without recoding



Deploy with Confidence

Zulu leverages all the latest advances in OpenJDK and support provided by its vibrant open source community. Azul Systems subscription-based support available with Zulu Enterprise provides an added layer of support protection. With Zulu Enterprise, each major version enjoys a 10 year support lifetime, and our Java and JVM experts can help you resolve issues quickly. Azul also offers unique support options for Zulu Enterprise including Application Guard and dedicated Technical Account Managers.

Deploy with confidence



Fully Supported Java for Docker

Zulu Dockerfiles are simple to get and use and are available for a range of version options. On the Docker Hub, choose  from “the latest” (the default), or  specific version numbers for Java 8, 7 or 6.  Zulu Dockerfiles make it easy to include fully supported open source Java in any stack comprised of other Dockerfiles.  Plus, like all Zulu versions, you can take advantage of Azul’s production support options. Read the 451 Research report on Zulu, Docker and Java here.

Zulu Dockerfiles


Zulu Commercial Compatibility Kit (CCK)

The Commercial Compatibility Kit (CCK) for Zulu contains additional functionality that is not included in in the OpenJDK source, but which will help ensure compatibility in applications that take advantage of specific additional features that Oracle bundles into HotSpot. The CCK is free and can be added easily to Zulu as part of your normal upgrade or update process. Simply choose and download the CCK version that matches your operating system and Zulu installer type (for example zip or rpm). The CCK contains the Lucida font family from Monotype™.

Monotype fonts



Get started with Zulu

Zulu is free and 100% open source. Versions are available for a variety of Linux operating systems (including Docker containers), Windows, Mac and the Cloud. Download and try Zulu, then choose your free or subscription-based support option.
More information on using Zulu on the Microsoft Azure Cloud here.


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