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Azul Zing Overview

Azul Zing Overview

Business-level view of Zing benefits.

Zing® Data Sheets

Zing data sheet

Zing specifications and system requirements information.

Zing ReadyNow! Datasheet

Information on features in Zing ReadyNow!

Zing Vision Datasheet

Zing Vision technical information.

Zulu® Enterprise Data Sheet

Zulu data sheet

Zulu specifications and system requirements information.

Zulu® Embedded Data Sheet

Zulu Embedded data sheet

Zulu Embedded specifications, system requirements information and available options.

Tools Data Sheets

jHiccup data sheet

Learn about the jHiccup free, open source performance measurement tool and how to use it.

Azul Inspector Data Sheet

Azul Inspector is a free tool designed to collect information about a Java application's environment

Performance Benchmarks

Pontus Vision Benchmark

Pontus Networks recently performed this benchmark for an investment bank. They were able to show the bank how to improve the latency of an FX pricing system without changing a single line of code or any of the target hardware. The system’s peak latency (from receiving a raw market data tick to sending a FIX market data snapshot to 25 clients) was decreased by over 20 times.

Cassandra Benchmark

Benchmark study comparing the performance of Apache Cassandra running on Azul Systems Zing® versus Oracle's HotSpot™ JVM.

Push Technology Benchmark

Benchmark comparing the performance of Push Technology’s Java based data distribution solution, Diffusion™, running on Azul Systems Zing® versus Oracle's HotSpot™ JVM.

In-memory data grid benchmark

Benchmark comparing the performance of Zing and Java HotSpot™ running an in-memory data grid.

WEBeTailer benchmark report

Zing WEBeTailer benchmark.

Cross-Vertical Information

Innovative Zing JVM

A short white paper describing the innovations available in Azul Zing.

Open Source Guide

How to leverage Azul's open source initiatives.

Extend the lifespan of existing apps

Zing can allow your applications to squeeze years of additional life out of your existing investments.

What Azul Can Do for your Java development project

Azul provides multiple Java runtime options to help ensure the long-term success of your Java projects.

What Zing Can Do for your Development project

Zing can allow your applications to use more in-memory data while delivering predictable performance.

Cloud solution brief

Achieve resource elasticity and high utilization efficiency in Cloud deployments.

Zing: The Industrial Strength JVM

An Industrial Strength JVM contributes both business and technology benefits to your company.

Results of a benchmark test comparing Zing to a conventional JVM, measuring response time SLA performance.

Technology Solution Briefs

Big Data

Zing makes larger in-memory indexes practical.

Enterprise Search

Maximum throughput and performance for Apache Lucene™ and Apache Solr™.

JBoss and Zing

Zing is essential technology for data-intensive, high performance and low latency apps.

Support Brochures

Technical Account Manager Service Brochures

Optimize the business value of your Java investments.

Capital Markets

Vertical Market Solution Briefs