Inside Market Data Webcast

Latency: It's Not Just About Speed Anymore - In this webcast, Azul CTO Gil Tene joins Richard Bell, eFX Project Manager, BNP Paribas; Patrick Kuster, Head of Business Development for Enterprise Services, EMEA, Thomson Reuters and moderator Max Bowie, Editor, Inside Market Data, to discuss the current state of play in the low latency arms race across different asset classes, firm types and trading styles.

Winning with Java at Market Open Webcast

Winning with Java at Market Open - In this webinar, Gil Tene, CTO and Co-founder of Azul Systems, discusses why current warm up strategies often don't work and how to solve Java warm-up issues without rearchitecting.

Inside Market Data Webcast: Latency: The Lower You Go the Harder it Gets

Latency: The Lower You Go the Harder it Gets  - Azul Systems CTO Gil Tene was a panelist for this webcast exploring what aspects of a firm’s infrastructure contribute the most latency, what should firms assess when making large investments to reduce latency, and which are the most/least cost effective and easiest/hardest to tackle. The panelists also discuss the issues driving some firms to abandon low-latency efforts in favor of Big Data projects, the latency challenges associated with Big Data, and technologies that reduce the time needed to carry out large-scale scenario analysis, back-testing and processing.

Webcast: The Cloud in 2014: Issues, Insights and Choices

The Cloud in 2014: Issues, Insights and Choices  - Guest Speaker, Forrester Research, Inc. Vice President and Principal Analyst John Rymer and Azul Systems Marketing VP Howard Green discuss the state of the Cloud at the start of 2014. From John Rymer you'll learn what recent Forrester research is uncovering about the changing Cloud landscape. Howard Green follows with the Azul Systems perspective on Java in the Cloud, including new deployment alternatives and insights from Azul's most innovative Cloud users.

Waters Technology Webcast: Latency: From Sprint to Survival Course

Latency: From Sprint to Survival Course  - Azul Systems CTO Gil Tene was a panelist on this webcast whose topics included: Assessing current competitive latency levels, and strategies for achieving, measuring, maintaining and exploiting optimal latency in today’s environment with available tools, speed limits: The impact of continued cost pressures on trading firms’ ability—and appetite—to invest increasing amounts in low-latency exercises, and beyond speed: looking beyond speed alone in vanilla assets: applying low latency strategies to new asset classes, new areas of a firm’s infrastructure, and evaluating technologies that will deliver the next leaps in competitive advantage.

Waters Technology High Frequency Trading Webcast

High Frequency Trading Webcast - Azul Systems CTO Gil Tene was a panelist on this webcast whose topics included: What are the essential ingredients that need to be present for an HFT environment/trading operation to be effective? What technology and operational initiatives can buy-side and sell-side firms implement to get ahead of the HFT game? In an HFT environment, how do firms go about managing risk, especially deal-time or even pre-trade risk?

451 Group Webinar

Variety, Velocity and Volume: Meeting the performance challenges of Big Data in the enterprise - Big Data is no longer just a challenge for large social media companies - enterprises can also benefit from understanding when and how to apply these technologies and architectures. In this Webinar, Matthew Aslett of the 451 Group reviews the taxonomy of Big Data and explain how organizations are employing new data management technologies and approaches to ensure that they turn the data deluge into more accurate and efficient operations. Gil Tene, CTO and co-founder of Azul Systems, will then highlight in greater detail the infrastructure and building block choices for enterprise architects and how to address the performance, scalability, and velocity challenges of Big Data in the enterprise.

Azul Technical Webinar Series 

Understanding Application Hiccups: An Introduction to the Open Source jHiccup Tool - In this Webcast, Gil Tene (CTO, Azul Systems) will introduce simple, non-obtrusive methods for measuring and characterizing platform "hiccups" during application execution. Using the new jHiccup open source tool, Gil will demonstrate and chart commonly observed behaviors of idle, mostly idle, and busy systems, as well as common workload types that experience outliers due to garbage collection pauses and other runtime-induced delays.

The Java Evolution Mismatch: Why you need a better JVM - Functionality is great, but what about performance? Java started life as a toy platform and quickly became an enterprise tool. Early on, evolution in performance and scalability went hand in hand with functionality improvements. However, virtually all subsequent improvements to the Java platform were in features and scope, with basic performance remaining largely unchanged. The result is that modern Java apps are powerful and flexible, but their performance can be iffy. Application instances now have a hard time consuming even a small fraction of entry level modern servers without incurring unacceptable and detrimental effects. In this 25-minute Webinar, Azul CTO Gil Tene explains how the Zing runtime for Java eliminates the evolution mismatch and allows enterprises to consistently and reliably power their applications, making full use of modern server capabilities.

What's Inside a JVM? - Learn what a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is and what it does for your Java applications in this webinar. Eva Andreasson of Azul Systems provides insights into the inner workings of a Java Virtual Machine and some drill down on what compilers and garbage collectors do, so that you don’t have to worry about it while programming your Java application. In particular, you will learn about common optimizations, well established garbage collection algorithms, and what the current biggest challenge with Java scalability is today.

What's New in Azul Zing Release 5.0? - Zing 5.0 is Azul Systems' newest JVM, designed and optimized for x86-based servers running the Linux operating system. Zing 5.0 is a software-only product, and installs just like any other native JVM -- and runs on a number of standard Linux distros. In this Webcast, Shyam Pillalamarri will walk through the key attributes of Zing 5.0 -- including how it is packaged, changes from Zing 4.1, how Zing 5.0 manages elastic memory, integration with standard visualization and management tools plus how to get an eval download for your team.

Azul CTO Webinar Series


Elasticity and Smooth Scalability for Java Deployments - Resource elasticity is important for both the efficiency and resilience of modern applications. However, today's dominant application runtimes (such as the Java Virtual Machine) are currently built to be inherently rigid in memory resources. In this webinar, Gil Tene, CTO, Azul Systems, Inc. discusses the need for elastic resource consumption and management. Gil also details how Memory Elasticity can now be seamlessly brought to Java applications, making them naturally elastic, resilient, and good citizens for elastic and cloud environments.

Java GC and the Application Memory Wall » The "memory wall", first predicted in the mid 1990's in a paper titled "Hitting the Memory Wall: Implications of the Obvious", was supposed to have emerged by now. However, the typical application instance still only utilizes 5-10% of a modern server's capacity, and the percentage is dropping. In this Webinar, Gil Tene (CTO, Azul Systems) will introduce the notion of the Application Memory Wall, and discuss the dominant factors limiting the scale and performance of modern server application instances. Gil will show how GC behavior has come to dominate application scale and architecture decisions, highlight the resulting constraints and challenges in effectively utilizing current- generation servers, and discuss innovations that may make the 'Application Memory Wall' disappear in the near future.

Overcoming Common Pitfalls in Java Application Characterization » If you've ever tried to model the impact of variable transaction response times on your business-critical application (or your bottom line) -- you know that few tools are available that provide a complete view of a running system. In addition, terms like average response time and three, four, or even five nines can mask problems that can't be addressed at the application level -- because their cause may be the JVM. In this Webinar, Gil Tene, Azul Systems CTO, will take you through a series of key concepts that will help you better describe -- and better understand what is happening at runtime.

Pauseless Garbage Collection and Its Impact » In this Webinar, Gil Tene, Azul Systems CTO, outlines exactly how Azul is able to deliver a truly pauseless garbage collection (GC) that is otherwise transparent to the production software stack, and deployed on commodity Intel hardware. Beyond that, Gil outlines, in real terms, the impact of pauseless operation on performance, scalability, transaction throughput – and more importantly on your ability to get systems into production faster, with far less tuning while delivering predictable performance. If your business or operation has a rigorous SLA, if you face scalability challenges or unpredictable surges in demand, your need to understand how Azul’s Zing and pauseless garbage collection can have an immediate and positive impact on your operations.

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