Zing® is a better JVM for Cloud deployments. It removes many of the factors limiting Cloud deployment of essential Java applications and makes it possible to launch Cloud-based services not practical with other JVMs. If you'd like to share Azul's Cloud advantages with your senior team, start with this overview.

Zing is a powerful Java runtime that is hypervisor– and multitenant-friendly and allows your applications to get into production faster, and without the need for extensive JVM tuning.

Simply looking for cost-effective Java support for your existing Cloud deployments? Azul's Zulu is a free and Open Source, commercialized build of OpenJDK that runs on the Windows Azure PaaS, Amazon, Rackspace, and both private and hybrid clouds as well. Looking for a way to get started? There's a Windows Server 2012 R2 virtual machine running Zulu 8 available on the Microsoft Azure Gallery.