Travelers expect to be able to browse and book travel through all types of devices. However, Java-based inventory, personalization, booking and predictive analytics systems may not always provide consistent response times. Unexpected loads and advanced features that require large amounts of in-memory data can cause traditional JVMs to stall, driving users to competitors’ sites.

Adding more hardware or memory isn’t the solution. The constraints of your Java infrastructure is often the limiting factor. But now there’s a solution, one that doesn’t require re-architecting – Azul Zing.

Benefits of Zing for Digital Travel Sites:

  • Increase revenue, profitability and customer loyalty
  • Achieve consistent response times even through unpredictable loads
  • Employ sophisticated personalization and upselling features without performance penalty
  • Speed customer search results for better site usability
  • Launch new features and applications faster without performance worries
  • Deliver real-time reports and predictive analytics
  • Gain more control and visibility over the entire system to prevent issues

Zing is the only JVM that gives travel providers the ability to cache all availability information for fast response times. It also eliminates timeouts common with other JVMs, leading to more received requests and more revenue. Try Zing free.


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