Java-based applications are critical for wireless and wireline service providers. When new offerings cause surges in subscriber demand, many critical systems can become overloaded or unresponsive. This leads to missed SLAs, frustrating wait times for customers and lost business opportunities. Service providers need to:

Most service providers have built significant infrastructure based on Java. This includes web customer portals, online stores, integrations between systems and a variety of proprietary applications built on Java app servers. These applications, in turn, rely on the capabilities of their underlying JVM. You can download the resource kit for Java-based Telco applications here »

Zing® is the Best Java Runtime for Telco and Wireless Applications

Zing eliminates rigid memory and CPU usage limits and creates elastic scalability. It makes your applications run better -- making them more scalable, reliable and consistent – even under unpredictable loads. With Zing, you can handle unpredictable loads and launch new services without fear. Zing allows your application to grow and shrink resource usage on demand for better reliability and consistent performance. Zing also reduces operational costs and complexity and largely eliminates tuning for fast time to market.

Zing enables your business to:

  • Meet strict SLAs and regulatory requirements.
  • Grow online commerce initiatives.
  • Launch new business models such as Cloud offerings or online services.


  • Assure consistent response times for users even during peak loads.
  • Utilize cost-effective x86 hardware and existing applications with no porting.
  • Speed time to market and deliver new features faster.
  • Eliminate garbage collection pauses even at very large  heap sizes, using Azul's C4 (Continuously Concurrent Compacting Collector)
  • Gain operational flexibility - move logical servers between physical machines and simplify instance deployment.
  • Deliver ultra low latency performance.

Communications and Wireless solution brief

Download the solution brief for communications and wireless »