Java is widely-used, essential, mature technology that has been deployed across the wireless sector for nearly twenty years. The language and its managed runtime (the Java Virtual Machine, or JVM) are critical for wireless and wireline service providers.

Azul Systems builds a better JVM that delivers consistently better performance -- especially for customer-facing business and IT systems, but also ranging into the network side of Tier 1 operators.

When new offerings cause surges in subscriber demand, many critical systems can become overloaded or unresponsive. This leads to missed SLAs, frustrating wait times for subscribers and lost business opportunities. Service providers need to:

  • Deliver a consistent user experience
  • Handle unexpected peak loads
  • Meet strict SLAs and regulatory standards
  • Support new business opportunities
  • Trust in the reliability and responsiveness of BSS/OSS systems

Most service providers have deployed Java-based systems throughout their IT infrastructure, and selectively within their network operations as well. Their Java portfolio includes customer-facing Web portals, online stores, billing systems and many other key systems -- both off-the-shelf and home-grown. 

Where can Azul Systems add value to a service provider? Here are some scenarios: