Azul Zing OverviewAzul Zing® opens up new avenues for business innovation. It provides unprecedented scalability for Java (or JVM) based NoSQL databases and in-memory computing applications by multiplying the amount of data that can be kept in memory without performance penalties. With Zing you can serve far more users, handle more transactions and deliver real-time response on your existing hardware and software stack without changing a line of code. Click on the image to the left to download the brochure on business innovation using Zing or click here to download the resource kit for in-memory applications.

In-memory computing allows applications and analytics to run far faster and more real-time by storing information in memory rather than on disk. Zing enables you to modernize your applications and fully realize the benefits of Java-based NoSQL and in-memory technologies, delivering business-transformative capabilities that weren’t possible before.

To hear how Azul and Quartet FS are working together on in-memory analytics, check out this recent Webinar moderated by James Rundle of Waters Technology.