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Azul Zing® Saves Enterprises $2M Over 3 Years.

Zing brings new advantages to Java-based businesses

Once you’ve reviewed the Zing use cases that align with your industry and explored the technical advantages of a better JVM, it’s time to start building a compelling business case for your operation. We’ve outlined some ways that organizations ranging from the Global 1000 to early-stage startups have made the case for Zing.

1. Start with the top line: Capture lost revenue via improved service levels

If your business is transaction-based — Zing enables you to handle more transactions. If demand spikes, Zing can handle the load without falling behind. 

Here are some of the proven ways that deploying Zing can help your business grow:

  • Capture revenue lost to application slow-downs, stalls, and timeouts
  • Meet internal and external service level requirements despite unexpected workload spikes or rapid growth in demand
  • Deliver a better end-user experience, which translates into fewer lost sales, abandoned shopping carts or incomplete transactions
  • Take advantage of more business opportunities by outperforming your competition
    • In digital advertising: Win more ad auctions
    • In capital markets: Execute more trades, faster
    • In payments: Analyze and act on risk measurements in real time
    • In digital commerce: Delight your web- and mobile-based customers 

2. Add to the bottom line: get better results from your existing infrastructure

  • Java deployments no longer need to scale out rapidly in order to meet service level targets
  • With Zing, you don’t need to keep your systems under-utilized to ensure adequate performance
  • Handle 2 – 3X more users or transactions on existing hardware while meeting your service level requirements and throughput targets
  • High-growth operations can ramp their capital spend more slowly due to Zing’s better resource utilization
  • Use fewer Cloud instances (and reduce your OPEX spend) while delivering better performance
    • Ask us how our customers are cutting their Amazon spend by 30-50% (and more) 
  • Free up developers to add new product features and capabilities instead of tuning and retuning production systems
  • Extend the lifespan of older Java applications
  • Fully leverage the benefits of your Cloud strategy

3. Grow Future Revenues: Support new, innovative business models

  • Pursue business opportunities not practical with other Java platforms — keep ALL your critical data in memory (up to 8 TB)
  • Improve the capabilities and performance of your Java-based infrastructure, including technologies like Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Lucene, Solr, and Kafka
  • Expand the responsiveness of in-memory data stores and streaming platforms like GridGain, Hazelcast and JBoss Data Grid
  • Improve your Sales execution using enhanced targeting, personalization, or other data-intensive features
  • Manage risk better by in-memory using more comprehensive real-time data
  • Ensure that your Cloud-based services deliver predictable performance

4. Are you ready to make the business case for Zing!

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