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Need For Pauseless Garbage Collection

One of the key reasons that many high-volume Java applications do not meet customer service level requirements is that application processing is often paused to perform garbage collection and reclaim available heap memory by the JVM. On traditional servers, these application pauses typically are several seconds to minutes long if the Java heap size is larger than the practical limit of 2 to 4 GB.

Why Azul Zing?

Zing® is the only JVM that uses Azul’s unique C4 (Continuously Concurrent Compacting Collector) to provide pauseless garbage collection operation. C4 is able to concurrently compact the Java heap and to allow the application to continue to execute while remapping of memory is performed.
This patented solution allows applications to completely separate heap size from response times for predictable, consistent Java GC behavior. If your Java application has unacceptable pauses, try Zing free, and see how much it can improve application metrics out of the box, with no tuning.

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