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Azul Zing® Saves Enterprises $2M Over 3 Years.

Azul Zing® is high performance Java for user interactive applications such as customer web sites, employee portals, in-store systems and reporting/analytics. Zing improves both average and maximum response times and allows you to use rich, data-intensive features including search and social without performance penalties. Zing also allows your systems to scale elastically under unpredictable heavy loads to avoid slow-downs, pauses and crashes.With Zing you can serve far more users and handle more transactions and devices on your existing hardware and software stack with better performance and without changing a line of code.Zing powers your user interactive applications to deliver a great customer experience – no exceptions, no excuses. Your business can increase revenue by offering more services and features that drive loyalty and usage and build competitive advantage.Click on the infographic to the right to get a full size pdf version. Web Performance Infographic

Supercharge Data Intensive Features

Improve the User Experience

Increase Revenue, Profitability and Usage

  • Better usability and perceived value
  • Fewer support calls
  • More transactions with higher value

Get More Out of Existing Systems

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