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Azul Zing® Saves Enterprises $2M Over 3 Years.

Zing: The best JVM choice for Java Architects

This page is all about Zing’s business impact. Need technical info? Try this Technology Overview or check out our Making the Technical Case for Zing page.

Zing® is a better JVM with better metrics that is certified fully compliant with the Java SE 11, 8, or 7 specification. Zing enables your production applications to operate in business real time. Now Java apps can scale to high levels of performance with unprecedented response time consistency and meet your most demanding service level requirements – without application changes or even recompilation. Zing allows your applications to handle far more users and transactions on existing infrastructure. It is a game-changing innovation that opens up new business capabilities and opportunities not practical with other Java software platforms. For low latency systems, Zing slashes “warm-up” time using Azul’s innovative ReadyNow! technology.

Zing is optimized for Linux server deployments and designed for enterprise applications and workloads that require any combination of large memory, high transaction rates, low latency, consistent response times or high sustained throughput. It is the only JVM that eliminates Java garbage collection pauses for large heap sizes.  Zing production support is provided by our world-class professional support organization that has deep knowledge of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), memory management, Java performance issues and usage of diagnostic tools.

Free Zing Trial available.

Zing Pricing:

Zing® is priced on a subscription basis per server (physical or virtual). With per-server pricing, you don’t need to worry about core counts, memory size, or number of instances deployed per server. The single license annual subscription price for Zing is $3500 USD per physical server, with significantly lower prices for higher volumes and longer-term subscriptions. Please contact us to learn about the special pricing available for start-ups and companies with $25 million or less in annual revenue, and for ISVs and manufacturers looking to embed/integrate Zing with their products.

Your Azul sales representative will provide pricing that matches your specific requirements and help you maximize the value of your Zing investment.

ISVs — Thinking of bundling Zing with your application? Contact Azul’s Business Development team at [email protected] to explore options and help your products join the growing number of Zing-powered solutions.

To learn more, download the Zing Datasheet here.

Improves Revenue

ReadyNow! Start Fast and Stay Fast

  • Solves the “warm-up” problem for low latency applications
  • Unique to Azul’s Zing
  • Allows accumulated optimizations to be saved and re-used
  • Prevents de-optimization and provides more control over Java compilation

Gain Leverage

  • Handle 2 – 3X more users on the same hardware
  • Get more out of Big Data, analytics apps, and NoSQL databases
  • Free developers to add features instead of tuning

Makes Java Easier

Without Re-Coding or Re-Architecting

The New Java Performance Standard

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