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Azul Zing® Saves Enterprises $2M Over 3 Years.

Zing Quick Start is a professional services package for Zing customers designed to get your deployment started right.

Before you deploy your application in production on Zing, your operations team needs to understand how to best leverage the benefits of Zing, and your architects and development team need to increase their knowledge of Zing. Azul is offering a five day package of consulting and training delivered by our Zing Professional Services team to assist customers in getting the most from their investment.
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The Zing Quick Start Service includes:


Introduction to Zing – including how Zing differs from other JVMs, system requirements and unique Zing innovations.

Introduction to Zing Tools – those supplied by Azul such as ZVision and ZRC as well as how to use third-party tools and agents with Zing.

Using Zing – best practices, testing, and how to work with Azul Support.

Deploying an application on Zing – system configuration and tuning best practices.

Zing Quick Start Process

Days 1 and 2 are used to define requirements and configure the application server. The Zing Consultant holds a questionnaire-based workshop to understand and document the latency requirements of the application and recommends a set of configuration changes based on best practices.

Day 3 is a one-day onsite structured training course for your team to learn how to successfully test, monitor, deploy and operate your Java application on Zing.

Days 4 and 5 are an onsite, hands-on workshop with your developers and architects answering questions and helping them use and understand Zing and its tools.

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