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Azul Zing® Saves Enterprises $2M Over 3 Years.

Azul Technology

Key Azul Technologies

Azul has targeted and solved the most difficult Java performance problems — issues that have plagued the Java community for years. Most of Azul’s innovations are available in Zing®, the only Java runtime (JVM) that has solved the Java garbage collection issue, addressing many Java performance issues without requiring redesign or re-architecting. Essential Azul technologies include:

Falcon Compiler

High-performance JIT compiler for server applications.

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Zulu® Mission Control

Analyze and profile your systems during development and production.

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ReadyNow!™ Technology

Resolves Java warm-up problems; ideal for low-latency Java applications.

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C4 Java Garbage Collector

Continuous concurrent compacting collector eliminates problems caused by Java GC.

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Zing Specifications

What you need to know to run Zing.

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More Zing Resources

Here you will find additional information about Zing.

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Open Source Initiatives

Azul is the industry’s first company dedicated to supporting an enterprise-quality, commercialized version of OpenJDK across various operating systems, hypervisors and Cloud platforms. We have also created a variety of open source tools for Java and provide access to our technology for open source developers. Azul initiatives are accelerating the continued adoption of open source Java technology by enterprises. Projects include:

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