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Azul Zing® Saves Enterprises $2M Over 3 Years.

Azul Zing® opens up new avenues for business innovation. It provides unprecedented scalability for Java (or JVM) based NoSQL databases and in-memory computing applications by multiplying the amount of data that can be kept in memory without performance penalties. With Zing you can serve far more users, handle more transactions and deliver real-time response on your existing hardware and software stack without changing a line of code. 

In-memory computing allows applications and analytics to run far faster and more real-time by storing information in memory rather than on disk. Zing enables you to modernize your applications and fully realize the benefits of Java-based NoSQL and in-memory technologies, delivering business-transformative capabilities that weren’t possible before.

Supercharge analytics

  • Provide fast reporting and drill-down
  • Recognize patterns in time to affect your business
  • Give Big Data the big memory it needs
  • Enable real-time analytics on very large datasets for solutions such as Hazelcast, JBoss Data Grid or Grid Gain

Break down walls

  • No more need for separate data warehouses for transactional and analytics systems
  • Run analytics on live transactional datasets with fast response
  • Deploy advanced Java-based NoSQL and in-memory technologies
  • Make planning, forecasting, logistics and other ‘batch’ systems real-time

Deliver more–with less

  • Handle more users and transactions on existing hardware and software
  • Improve application performance
  • Infographic: Comparison of Azul Zing and Java HotSpot performance for an in-memory data grid

Do business in real time

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